Solve Your School-Wide Fundraising Needs

Rather than asking your kids to sell products to raise money for your school, why not fundraise while getting them to read? SpoonRead’s innovative reading platform can help your school raise more money than traditional fundraisers. SpoonRead gets kids excited to read because reading becomes a fun (and competitive) game. Now doesn’t that sound like a better way to raise money?

How SpoonRead Works

Raise More Money With a Read-a-thon
powered by SpoonRead

A SpoonRead-a-thon is a 14 to 30- day challenge event that starts with a high energy kick-off assembly to motivate kids. Families buy books with a donation premium and 100% of the premium goes back to the school. If they choose, schools can POWER UP and use secure and easy-to-use software tools to reach out to friends and family to request pledges for student reading. As students read and successfully answer questions in the SpoonRead app, the system automatically tracks their individual progress and the progress of the classroom, grade and school. With great prizes for the top readers (provided by us at no additional cost) kids compete to see who can read more!

“Who would have thought competitive reading could be a thing? But you've pulled it off and it's great!”

– Parent Floyd Ross

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Whether you’re funding your arts program or new computers, schools need to raise supplemental funds. SpoonRead events can help your school raise $10,000, $25,000 even $50,000, all by getting your kids to read more!

Principals, Administrators and PTO Leaders

Thanks for your interest in learning more about SpoonRead. The SpoonRead platform is an exciting innovation that can help you raise more money for your school and show your commitment to a community where everyone reads. Here are some of the key reasons to work with us to host a read-a-thon using SpoonRead:

We’re excited to get started with you. Together we can raise more money for your school and get kids reading!
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