Rather than asking your kids to sell products to raise money for your school, why not fundraise while getting them to read? SpoonRead is an innovative new reading platform that schools can use to raise more money than traditional fundraisers. SpoonRead gets kids excited to read because reading becomes a fun, game-like activity.

Now doesn’t that sound like a better way to raise money?

Once your school kicks off their event, it’s as easy as…



Register the child to participate.



Ask friends and family for support through our secure online donation platform.



Purchase a book.


Download the SpoonRead app on to the child’s device and the child is ready to read!

Introducing SpoonRead

A quick overview of Spoonread, the easy and fun way to get kids reading.

Our Read More to Raise More Fundraising Programs

  • SpoonRead-a-thons
  • Virtual Book Fairs

SpoonRead offers unique programs designed to excite the school community about reading. Our SpoonRead Virtual Book Fairs are further enhanced by SpoonRead-a-thons. Read on for more detail on our recipe for fundraising success.

A SpoonRead-a-thon is a 30-day challenge events where kids double-down on reading to raise money for their school and win fun prizes for themselves. Families buy books and a portion of the proceeds go back to the school. If they choose, schools can power up and use secure and easy to use software tools to reach out to friends and family to request pledges for student reading.  As students read and successfully answer questions in the SpoonRead app, the system automatically tracks their individual progress and the progress of the classroom, grade and school.  Kids compete to see who can read more!

In a SpoonRead-A-Thon, children can read anytime, anywhere on their mobile device or in their printed book.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Step 1: Schedule the date your SpoonRead-a-thon will kickoff

  • Step 2: Students get pledges to support their reading. Pledges can be donated by individuals to support an individual goal and also by organizations to support an overall school reading goal.

  • Step 3: Work with SpoonRead to plan a high-energy kick-off event to get kids pumped-up about reading.

  • Step 4: Provide communication and reminders during the event. Make the communication frequency high to keep the intensity up for the duration of the month.

Celebrate reading even more by including a SpoonReading Flash Mob.

Can your school read 5 million words? How about 10 million?

Boost your school’s budget with a SpoonRead Virtual Book Fair. Choose from a huge selection of titles of both physical and ebooks inside the SpoonRead mobile app.  Parents love to buy their kids books and the more your parents buy, the more your school makes.

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Work with SpoonRead to plan an opening event to introduce the fair and build excitement.
  2. Explore all your options to communicate with parents to promote the event.
  3. Point parents to our book recommendation tool that will help them find the perfect books for their young readers.

A successful book fair is all about planning and we’re here to help. We ‘ll work with you to plan your kick-off event, craft your messaging, and get the word out on your success.

How the SpoonRead Platform Works

Download Spoonread right now and try it for free!

Up until now, my youngest daughter has never been a reader. It’s always been a struggle. SpoonRead just works for her. She loves that the text is chunked and that it’s on her phone and that she can do a little at a time and feel successful. Now she wants to read. SpoonRead is amazing!

Anna Ritter
Santa Cruz, CA
Parent of girls ages 8, 10 and 12

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