At SpoonRead, we’re committed to getting your kids reading more. We work extra hard to make our software as intuitive as possible, but we know that sometimes it helps to have someone walk you through things step by step. If you would like to see a tutorial on a topic that’s not listed here, please use the contact us button to the right and let us know.

School Fundraising Support

Joining Your School Fundraiser


Registration and setup
Sending your sponsorship requests
Purchasing your first book

More Spoonread Support

Sharing a Device

Parents and kids can easily share a single device. Here’s how to do it.

Using a Login Code

To register your child to use SpoonRead on their device, you need to use a login code. Here’s how to do it.

Previewing the Student Experience

Once you registered your child, purchased a book and assigned it to your reader, here’s how your reader gets started.

Accessing the Rewards Drawer

Parents have the option of setting up a reward as an incentive for reading. Find out how to set that up here.


What is SpoonRead?

SpoonRead is a new mobile app that helps schools raise money and gets kids reading. Parents download the app to their child’s phone or tablet (or to their own device if the child will be using that). Parents purchase great books and then as their kids read, the system asks them comprehension questions to make sure they understand what they’re reading. If they answer correctly, they earn virtual coins towards their overall reading goal. Experts agree that ongoing progress monitoring is the best way to teach children to be close and careful readers.

What is a SpoonRead-a-thon?

A SpoonRead-a-thon is a school fundraising event of a particular duration (frequently 20 or 30 days) where kids read as much as they possibly can and raise money for their school. Funds are raised in two ways. First, students use our proprietary secure software to ask friends and family to support their reading with a donation. Second, parents purchase books at special fundraiser pricing where a set amount (usually $5) is added to the cost and goes directly to the school.

How much money can I raise?

That depends on how many kids you have and your level of participation. Some larger elementary schools raise as much as $65,000 per event.

Can I raise money for another cause other than my school?

Absolutely! If, for example, your school wanted to run a read-a-thon to benefit a local food bank, you could run a “Read More to Feed More” event and ask the community to support your students’ reading as a way to fight hunger. In short, what you do with the proceeds of your event is entirely up to you.

Am I required to add the fundraiser premium to the price of each book?

No. Simply go to the teacher dashboard at and click on the name of your classroom event. Then select the Edit button. This will allow you to lower the default “FR” (fundraiser) Premium added to each book to anything you like, including $0.

What is a Virtual Book Fair?

A SpoonRead Virtual Book Fair is often used in concert with a SpoonRead-a-thon. Rather than taking over your school library or cafeteria and organizing teams of volunteers to staff the event, a SpoonRead Virtual Book Fair lets you earn money for your school by running the entire book fair online. You’ll earn more money than through a traditional book fair by leveraging the SpoonRead App, email and all of the various tools you use to communicate with parents. We’ll work with you to sell a custom-curated selection of the most popular and best-loved titles. Then we’ll help you develop a communications strategy to drive your parents and other supporters to the online event over the course of a set period of time. The more your community buys, the more money you can earn for your school.

What age groups is SpoonRead for?

At this time, the SpoonRead library includes titles for emergent readers in kindergarten and grade one all the way up to middle school readers in roughly sixth grade. While that’s our primary audience, many parents tell us that they use SpoonRead and read to their children as young as ages five or six. They find that their kids love answering the questions and seeing how they are earning coins.

We believe that motivating kids to read at a young age is a vital part of building strong learning habits. That’s why we’ll maintain our focus on this younger group of readers.

What Books Can My Child Read?

Our selection of books is growing literally by the day. Working with a team of experienced teachers and literacy specialists, we’re building out a library of “Spoonified” books (books that have been chunked with questions) that cover a range of fiction and nonfiction across a wide array of subjects and topics.

If you have certain titles you’d like us to add, please email us here and share your suggestions.

What platforms does it work on?

SpoonRead works on all current Android and iOS operating systems and newer Chrome books that run Google Play Store applications.

How do I get it?

You can download the free SpoonRead app from either the Apple or or Google Play stores.

How much does it cost?

The SpoonRead app itself is free to all users. Books vary in price. See the SpoonRead bookstore within the app for more details.

What are Rewards?

Some parents and teachers want to give their students extra motivation to read more. They can use our reward system to create an additional incentive for successful reading. Working with the reader, the parent/teacher sets the particular reward and the reading goal. Once the child reaches the benchmark, the SpoonRead Rewards system automatically unlocks the reward (and even ships it in some cases). Rewards can range from items such as Legos and other learning toys to soft rewards such as additional recess or free choice class time. If you would like to see additional rewards added to the rewards drawer, please share your ideas here.

That sounds great! How do I get started?

Reach out to us and we’d be happy to speak more about it with you. Please contact us here and we’ll set up a time to talk you through the entire process.

I’m a teacher – Can I sign up my whole class?

Be our guest! We love working with teachers to help them motivate their students to read. We currently don’t support integration with any student rostering systems, but this functionality will be coming. Many users find that using the app to onboard students takes less than ten seconds per student.

Why is the sound not working?

The volume of the device must be turned on (not muted) prior to launching the SpoonRead app. If the volume is muted, the sound will not run. Users should quit the app, turn on their sound and restart the app.