At SpoonRead, we’re committed to getting your kids reading more. We work extra hard to make our software as intuitive as possible, but we know that sometimes it helps to have someone walk you through things step by step. If you would like to see a tutorial on a topic that’s not listed here, please use the contact us button to the right and let us know.



A SpoonRead-a-thon is a school fundraising event of a particular duration (frequently 20 or 30 days) where kids read as much as they possibly can and raise money for their school. Funds are raised in two ways. First, students use our secure software to ask friends and family to support their reading with a donation. Second, parents purchase books at special fundraiser price, where a set amount (usually $5) is added to the top of the book that goes directly to the school.

That depends on enrollment and your level of participation, but some larger elementary schools raise as much as $65,000 per event. See HOW MUCH YOU CAN RAISE!

Absolutely! If, for example, your school wants to run an event to benefit a local food bank, you can run a “Read More to Feed More” event. Ask the community to support your students’ reading as a way to fight hunger, while what you do with the proceeds of your event is entirely up to you.

At this time, the SpoonRead library includes titles for emergent readers in kindergarten and first grade, all the way up to middle school readers in sixth grade. While that’s our primary audience, many parents tell us that they use SpoonRead for their children as young as ages five or six.

Our selection of over 1200 books is growing by the day. We work with a team of experienced teachers and literacy specialists to build out a library of “Spoonified” books (books that have been chunked with questions) that cover a range of fiction and nonfiction across a wide array of subjects and topics. If you have certain titles you’d like us to add, please email us here and share your suggestions.

You can download the free SpoonRead app from either the Apple or Google Play stores. If you have a device with access to either of those stores, you can use SpoonRead!

You can download the free SpoonRead app from either the Apple or Google Play stores.

The SpoonRead app is free to all users. Books and donations vary in price. See the SpoonRead bookstore within the app for more details.

Book your event and we’d be happy to speak more about it with you while walking you through the entire process!

The volume of the device must be turned on (not muted) prior to launching the SpoonRead app. If the volume is muted, the sound will not run. Users should quit the app, turn on their sound and restart the app.

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