The Safest Way to Raise Money

Rather than asking your kids to sell products to raise money for your school, why not fundraise while getting them to read? SpoonRead’s innovative reading platform can help your school raise more money than traditional fundraisers. SpoonRead gets kids excited to read because reading becomes a fun (and sometimes competitive) game. Now doesn’t that sound like a better way to raise money?


A SpoonRead-a-thon is a 14-30 day reading challenge that begins with a high energy virtual assembly to motivate kids. Families purchase books for their readers, and can POWER UP their event by using our secure and easy-to-use donation software! Parents can reach out to friends and family to request pledges for their student’s reading. As students read and answer questions in the SpoonRead app, the system automatically tracks their individual, classroom, grade, and school progress. We offer prize packages for top readers so kids can compete to see who can read more!

Virtual Book Fairs

Rather than taking over your school library or cafeteria and organizing teams of volunteers to staff the event, a SpoonRead Virtual Book Fair lets you earn money for your school by running the entire book fair online. You’ll earn more money than through a traditional book fair by leveraging the SpoonRead App, email and all of the various tools you use to communicate with parents. The more your community purchases, the more money you can earn for your school!

Secure Donate Events

A SpoonRead Secure Donate Event is for any organization who wants to raise money for their cause. Through our secure and easy-to-use software tools, participants can reach out to friends and family to request donations and keep track of fundraising progress.

All Fundraisers Come With a Personalized Event Dashboard!


It’s not easy to get kids off their phones, but we can influence how they spend that time. That’s why we made reading fun. Our platform lets kids read great, authentic literature in chunks or “spoonfuls” on a phone, tablet, Chromebook or in Print. Spoonfuls are digestable and kids are kept engaged with our gamified design.


We’re excited to get started with you. Together we can raise more money for your school and get kids reading! CONTACT US HERE to schedule your read-a-thon with SpoonRead today.