How Much Can You Raise?

Drag to adjust the % participation for students in your school



  • Earn money in two ways:
    • Earn money per book PLUS
    • Keep 90% of all donations
  • Spend what you earn on hard copy books and get 120% of what you raise
  • Reading is a game kids want to play on a device kids want to use
  • All digital – the only safe way to raise money
  • Validates kids are really reading


  • Keep < 80% of the money you raise
  • Students’ reading is self reported
  • No validation of understanding


  • Keep < 50% of the money you raise
  • Requires managing money, distribution, and volunteers

Calculations are based on an average of 5 donations per students of $25 per donor.

SpoonRead cares about your students’ reading! Other reading-based fundraisers want you in-and-out without validating reading metrics or completion of titles. Our patented reading app gets your kids reading more with data you can actually see so they can improve in real-time while raising money for your school!