We’re on a mission…

Serial entrepreneur Bart Meltzer was frustrated. Like many parents, he simply couldn’t get his son’s attention off his device and into the book he needed to read for school. In a moment of inspiration, Bart took the opening paragraph of the book and typed it into a text message. He quickly followed that by a straight-forward question to validate that his son had read it. Immediately, his son responded with the correct answer. Excited by his initial success, Bart repeated the experiment and again his son quickly responded with the correct answer. Bart shared the experience with Frank Debernardo, a friend who was also having similar reading challenges with his own children. Frank replicated the experiment and was thrilled that he also replicated the engagement and the successful reading.

Unable to find an app that followed this process of “spoon feeding” a book to a child with questions to validate the reading has been done, Bart took his engineering and e-commerce experience and started talking to parents. As he began to develop the new app, the final piece of the puzzle fell into place. After nearly 20 years of supporting local schools through all kinds of various fundraisers, Bart and the other parents he spoke with were frustrated by the way schools send kids out to sell cookie dough or magazine subscriptions or some other product that few friends and relatives really want. What if there was a way to raise more money for schools and get kids to want to read, all while letting kids use their mobile devices?

Gathering a team of experienced educators, technologists, and entrepreneurs, SpoonRead was born. Today, SpoonRead is a cloud-based reading platform kids access on their phone or tablet. We gamify reading so that as they read, kids earn virtual coins for their careful reading. By chunking the content and rewarding them for their careful reading, SpoonRead makes reading a game kids want to play. Through our Read-a-thons, Classroom Book Clubs and  Summer Reading programs, schools are raising more money than through traditional fundraisers, all while engaging kids in reading.

Meet Our Team

Bart Meltzer, Inventor

Bart has over 25 years of experience as a designer and developer of innovative Internet-based applications…

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Mayank Vadodaria, Technology

Mayank has over 34 years of experience in software development, engineering management and technology…

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Peter Levy, Markets

Peter is a versatile and experienced educational technology leader with …

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Linley Pusateri, General Manager

Linley has taught nearly every elementary grade level over the last 25 years. Her passion for …

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Amy Fox, Research & Design

Amy is a Cognitive Scientist with a passion for building digital products that support complex cognitive activities …

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Jake Haselden, Director of Operations and Finance

Jake is a young professional who has been with SpoonRead since the beginning. He holds a degree in International …

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Harry Max, Operations

Harry is a seasoned executive who brings a wealth of skills and capabilities to help scale organizations by putting people …

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Nicki Silecchia, Content Advisor 

Nicki is a devoted book lover who has been teaching English Language Arts for …

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Rob Owen, Academic Advisor 

With nearly 20 years of teaching experience …

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If you’re interested in finding out more about how we can help your school raise more money and get your kids reading more, reach out! We’d love to hear from you.

We’re excited to do our small part to help kids build a lifelong love of reading.