Stop spending your own money
on books and basic classroom supplies

Let parents help pay for your classroom needs and get their kids reading more at home. Using SpoonRead Classroom Book Clubs engages kids in reading and earns points for your classroom you use for books and other classroom supplies. Plus, with access to our teacher dashboard, you can see exactly how much your students are reading.

With SpoonRead Classroom Book Clubs:

  • Earn points with every book purchased and PowerPoints with each fundraiser premium.

  • Take advantage of free features to raise more money including our read-a-thon tools.

  • Spend your points on great offers inside the SpoonRead Rewards Catalog.

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SpoonRead Book Clubs are better for teachers

More Rewards

With points for each books sold and PowerPoints with our Fundraiser Premium, you’ll earn WAY MORE than with any other book club program.

More Choices For Your Points

Unlike other books clubs that limit your choices, the points you earn with SpoonRead are spent in the SpoonRead Rewards Catalog. Choose offers from a range of providers offering everything from books to classroom supplies.

More Access to What Kids are Really Reading

Our easy to use dashboard can show you up-to-the-minute data on exactly how much each of your students has read and how well they’ve done on the questions.

Easier to Manage

We’ve made it easier than ever to run a supplemental reading program. Use our templates to communicate with parents. Everything happens online so there are no forms to fill out, no money to handle and no headaches!

Give your classroom fundraising an extra boost

 by adding a read-a-thon using SpoonRead. Here’s how:

Classroom Read-a-thon

A classroom read-a-thon powered by SpoonRead lets you challenge your kids to do more supplemental reading and earn more for your classroom.

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