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Ignite a passion for reading

While many schools are excited to use SpoonRead as a fundraiser, lots of teachers have discovered that it’s a powerful tool to support their independent reading program where the book becomes the game – no fundraising required. Our main goal at SpoonRead is to make reading fun again. We want to bring back the pleasure and joy that comes from literature. Our app builds fluency, tracks comprehension, and expands academic vocabulary.   Students can read at their own levels and become confident and enthusiastic about reading. SpoonRead is both an application and management tool which monitors daily reading between students and teacher/parent.

Frequent checking for understanding is crucial for any reading program to be successful. While other reading software has students reading entire books before asking any questions to check for understanding, SpoonRead embeds ongoing relevant comprehension checks after each “spoonful”, ensuring that kids understand what they’re reading as they go. SpoonRead allows students to go back and reread a spoonful before they answer a question.

Students love reward systems and games. SpoonRead makes reading a game so that students can become confident, consistent readers with a twist of fun. Students get instant feedback on their progress and collect virtual coins that keep them engaged.

Great for Reluctant Readers and EL Students

Rather than facing the prospect of having to complete a full-length book before they can demonstrate their understanding, SpoonRead chunks the content into small “spoonfuls”. This makes the reading process much less intimidating and lets students experience success almost immediately.

Principals, Administrators and PTO Leaders

Thanks for your interest in learning more about SpoonRead. The SpoonRead platform is an exciting innovation that can help you raise more money for your school and show your commitment to a community where everyone reads. Here are some of the key reasons to work with us to host a Virtual Book Fair and a SpoonRead-a-thon:

We’re eager to get started. Together we can raise more money for your school and get kids reading! Contact us here to schedule your SpoonRead-a-thon today.

I’ve been teaching fourth grade for 17 years. In all that time, I’ve never seen anything that was better at getting kids excited to read. I love it.

Sarah Manitire
Fourth grade teacher

Back to School Night

One of the most popular questions at back to school night is “How can I get my child to read more?” The answer is SpoonRead! Encourage your parents to download SpoonRead and to put it on their kids’ devices as well. Help parents to help their children become strong independent readers. You can also download this printable SpoonRead overview flyer which is perfect for sharing with parents.

Independent Reading Programs

SpoonRead isn’t just for fundraising. In 2018, SpoonRead powered an independent reading program for the summer school held at Freedom Elementary in Watsonville, CA. Learn more about that program by downloading this case study.

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